A Message from Sudipta Seal

Sudipta Seal

Welcome to our Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)Department website. It's my honor to be your Interim Chair to forward our Department to the next level. I am very happy to see the growth of MSE program since its start from 1999-2000. As a brief history, MSE graduate program was started by Advanced Materials Processing Analysis Center (AMPAC) - a focused center on research and educational excellence established in 1998 and was administered through Mechanical Materials Aerospace Engineering.

MSE program and faculty has excelled in research. We are engaged in cutting edge research: ceramics, polymers, and metals, smart materials, coatings, composite materials, sensors, thin films, nanotechnology, soft and hard materials, optics, and state of the art materials characterization. We currently offer outstanding MS and PhD degree programs in the newly founded MSE Department. Alongside, we also offer undergraduate Materials courses.

The graduate program in materials science and engineering at UCF is distinguished by offering an outstanding selection of courses taught by our faculty mentors who are also active in a wide range of sponsored research. The National Research Council, a part of the National Academy of Engineering and National Academy of Science, ranked UCF amongst the top MSE programs in the country in their 2010 assessment of research doctoral programs at U.S. universities.

I know our faculty members hold themselves to the highest standards of excellence. Our faculty consistently bring in more than 2 million dollar research funding (six core faculty). As an example, MSE Department's 2012-2013 accomplishment: graduated 12 MS and 10 PhD students, published 6 journal and 6 conference papers/faculty, brought in new funding 2.2 million dollar (365K/faculty). Our program has more than 50-60 graduate students at any given time. MSE faculty has access to cutting edge Materials characterization faculty (MCF) and Advanced Micro fabrication facility (AMF) user facility, administered by AMPAC center.

In past and present, our MSE (core and program) faculty are recipient of many prestigious awards ( 8 NSF CAREER, 2 ONR YIP, 1 NIH DIRECTOR' AWARD) and fellows of Optics, AIMBE, ASM, ACERS, IoN, AAAS, AVS, NAI.

As a team, our collective mission is to cross new frontiers in academics and research and to achieve long lasting working partnerships across the public and private platform. There will be challenges ahead of us as we want to grow our program and we can overcome these hurdles with the help of our superb faculty and staff. These challenges can offer new opportunities as we go forward. As I also continue my role as Director of Nanoscience Technology Center (NSTC - tenure granting unit) and AMPAC, I will continue to foster interdisciplinary partnership between MSE and other departments, centers and institutes and College of Medicine and Business.

We continue to do our best to provide high quality research and education. I truly hope you will join us in our quest for cutting edge interdisciplinary research, outstanding academics and ground-breaking science and continue to support our department and take an active role in both academics and research.

Sudipta Seal

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